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S & S Timms Antiques is now a fourth generation antiques business, with director Robbie Timms following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather. The business has been established for over 35 years, specialising in high quality English town and country furniture and father and son duo Steve and Robbie can regularly been seen on the premier fair circuit.

SS Timms Antiques are members of LAPADA, BADA and CINOA.


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Antiques News & Fairs - SS Timms Antiques

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Posted: 5 February 2021




Furniture Periods & British Monarchs

Antiques News & Fairs - SS Timms Antiques

Have you ever wondered just what George II or Chippendale period actually mean. Many dealers and enthusiasts refer to furniture and works of art by which period they are from without actually divulging even roughly what year that means the article is from. Now that is fine if talking to a fellow dealer or even somebody with an in depth knowledge of history, but what about to the ordinary man on the street. How are they meant to know that Chippendale Period means around 1760 or that Regency Period means 1810 to 1837? Hopefully the following table will be a valuable resource to anybody trying to decipher a description they have been given or even anybody just trying to learn more about dates and styles of furniture. Read more...




Important Furniture Makers & Designers


Antiques News & Fairs - SS Timms AntiquesThomas Chippendale

Thomas Chippendale Senior was born in Otley, Yorkshire and the exact date of his birth was never recorded, however what we do know is that he was baptised in Otley Parish Church on 5th June 1718. He had a family history of wood workers and timber traders, and it is highly likely he received some sort of basic apprenticeship from his father. It is also believed that he may have received some further training from Richard Wood, York’s leading furniture maker at this time, before he packed his bags for London. It was 1748 when he married Susan Redshaw and they proceeded to produce nine children in due course. Read more...


Antiques News & Fairs - SS Timms AntiquesGeorge Hepplewhite

George Hepplewhite (1727 – June 21, 1786) was a cabinet maker. He is regarded as having been one of the ”big three” English furniture makers of the 18th century, along with Thomas Sheraton and Thomas Chippendale. There are no pieces of furniture made by Hepplewhite or his firm known to exist but he gave his name to a distinctive style of light, elegant furniture that was fashionable between about 1775 and 1800 and reproductions of his designs continued through the following centuries. One characteristic that is seen in many of his designs, is a shield-shaped chair back, where an expansive shield appeared in place of a narrower splat design. Read more...



Antiques News & Fairs - SS Timms Antiques


Robert Gillow was born in Singleton in the Fylde, Lancashire in 1704 and with him begins the story of the furnituremaking firm of Gillow. At this time Lancaster was one of the west coast ports of importance, trading with the West Indies, and Robert became well known for his use of mahogany, imported from Jamaica, Cuba and Honduras, an essential factor in the development of Gillows as a cabinet and furniture making firm of national standing from being a small provincial joiners firm. Read more..


Antiques News & Fairs - SS Timms Antiques

Thomas Sheraton

Sheraton was born in Stockton-on-Tees,England. He was apprenticed to a local cabinet maker and continued working as a journeyman cabinet maker until he moved to London in 1790, aged 39. There he set up as professional consultant and teacher, teaching perspective, architecture and cabinet design for craftsmen. It is not known how he gained either the knowledge or the reputation which enabled him to do this but he appears to have been moderately successful. Read more...





Antiques News & Fairs - SS Timms Antiques

A set of 6 rosewood Regency dining chairs




Antiques News & Fairs - SS Timms Antiques

Mid-19th Century Italian Giltwood and Gesso Wall Mirror


Antiques News & Fairs - SS Timms Antiques

Georgian 18th Century Mahogany Pair Of Cutlery Knife Boxes


Antiques News & Fairs - SS Timms Antiques

Rare 18th Century Mahogany Georgian Childs Chair



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