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Antiques News  & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter




Taking centre stage of the British art and antiques winter fair calendar, Olympia London comes to London's history Olympia complex each year with an exceptional range of over 20,000 pieces, presenting a treasure trove of irresistible art, antiques, furniture, jewellery and collectors’ pieces to discover and buy.

Relevant to trade and collectors alike, the flagship art and antique fair continues to focus on high quality pieces from 70 of the UK's finest specialist dealers and attracts thousands of visitors year-after-year.

Whether you are a discerning collector, interior designer, art and antiques enthusiast or simply looking for an interesting addition to your home, the fair provides an unrivalled choice offering both the traditional to the quirky.

The Fair showcases high quality, vetted art and antiques, featuring an eclectic mix of pieces drawn from antiquity to the present day, and with prices ranging from £100 to £500,000, along with a stimulating events programme, and is firmly established as a prestigious highlight of London’s winter calendar.

The fair is organised and run by Clarion Events Ltd in addition to the annual The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia in June.

What people say:

Don’t Miss: Summer might be peak buying season for art and antiques, but the Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia has enabled enthusiasts to get their fix in between for 27 years. It’s the only fair in the UK to work with both top trade associations – BADA and LAPADA. With a focus on mixing antiques with modern interiors, you can be as daring as you like with mixing periods and styles.” – Country and Townhouse


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Post Fair Report - The Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia 2023

Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

The Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia moved into the Grand Hall for its 2023 edition, benefitting from an extra day’s trading and a location inside the phenomenally successful Spirit of Christmas Fair.

Art Deco specialist, Jeroen Markies made a good start on the first day selling a pair of Morris Adams chairs for £6,000 and a pop up Art Deco drinks table as well as a pair of 1920s bedside tables and some bookends. One of his buyers was from the UAE.

Later on in the week they sold a pair of 15x80 WW11 Naval Binoculars by Fuji Meibo to a new client in the US for £8,000. On the final weekend they sold a fabulous ten-seater Art Deco Dining Suite by Waring & Gillows in satinwood with green leather upholstered dining chairs. Priced at £15,000.

Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Jeroen Markies - 15x80 WW11 Naval Binoculars by Fuji Meibo to a new
client in the US.

Other non-furniture sales included a very rare pair of Art Deco pâte de verre bookends in the form of stylised dolphins. Designed by Auguste Houillon (1885-1954) for Amalric Walter, Nancy, France for £4,500.

Fellow furniture dealer Walton House Antiques sold a Zanzibar chest to a new customer who had come to visit Spirit of Christmas and a satinwood armchair by Jewell and co. Furniture exhibitor, John Hansord was happy with his week’s trading and sold a pair of bookcases to a Spirit of Christmas visitor amongst other sales.

Glass and smaller objects were being busily wrapped up on the first day of the fair with Morgan Strickland making a good start and Mark West selling two large sets of antique glasses.

Gavin from Morgan Strickland reported that, ‘sales were steady but added up well at the end of the fair’. They had several good sales to cross-over customers from the other fairs including a Liberty clock for several thousand to visitors of the Luxury Travel Show.

Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Jeroen Markies - A pair of Art Deco pâte de verre bookends in the form
of stylised dolphins. Designed by Auguste Houillon (1885-1954) for
Amalric Walter, Nancy, France.

The Old Corkscrew had returned to Olympia for the first time since Covid and were delighted to be there seeing old customers (one had been looking for a specific silver piece since 2019 and they were able to sell it to them) and having some very promising business in the pipeline.

Glass dealer M&D Moir sold steadily all week including pieces to customers that they had not seen for some time. Fellow glass dealer, Markov sold a good glass vase by young designer Alice Heaton.

David Hickmet was selling very well and very happy with the new location reporting that 50% of his sales of glass and sculptures were to new customers who had come to visit Spirit of Christmas compared to his usual 20% of new customers.

Asian specialist Laura Bordignon saw her loyal collectors and ended well selling, amongst others, a Japanese bronze Koi carp naturalistically modelled balanced on its fins with a rich brown patination, and eyes inlaid in shakudo and gold signed Maruki sei, Meiji period (1868-1912). It was priced at £6,500. Jeweller, Anthea AG Antiques ended the fair having sold enough to declare it a good fair considering the tough market conditions.

Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Laura Bordignon - Japanese bronze Koi carp naturalistically modelled
balanced on its fins with a rich brown patination, and eyes inlaid
in shakudo and gold signed Maruki sei, Meiji period (1868-1912).

Sculpture dealers Garrett and Hurst said the fair was a ‘much needed success’. They sold a very important alabaster for a five-figure sum and, interestingly, had several sales to people who came just for Spirit of Christmas but saw a sculpture on our stand which they bought as a present. Surprising themselves.

Margaret Cowley said, ‘We felt the energy of pre Covid was slowly returning and we think the Olympia fair is essential as we approach the completion of the building works from which we can all benefit. Olympia brings in people who can afford to buy, some we saw returning from pre Covid. We believe this fair is among the most important and affordable of all exhibition spaces’.

Art dealer Sarah Colgrave reported a good week. She sold every day to both old and new customers. She reported, ‘quite a lot of Spirit of Christmas people buying the smaller things I took in for that very purpose but also old and new customers buying more expensive pieces. I have even had some positive interest since the fair closed with one definite after fair sale and hopefully another in the pipeline’.

Freya Mitton sold a Charles Duranty as a wedding present from a godmother and John Robertson sold ten pictures at a range of different prices. The clients were a mix of old and new and he was still selling in the closing minutes of the fair.

Art dealer, Tania Baxter Contemporary was very pleased with the seven-day fair, selling works by Pip Todd-Warmoth amongst others.

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Posted: 14 November 2023





Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

A well-heeled, serious buying contingent braved ‘Halloweener’s’ and heavy showers to shop at the Winter Art & Antiques Fair.

Asian specialist, Laura Bordignon sold one of her largest pieces, a bronze tiger in the opening hours. She could have sold it several times over. She went on to sell several other good pieces including one to a client not seen for 15 years. Art Deco dealer Jeroen Markies sold a bronze sculpture, ‘In Flight’ at the preview, by Pierre Le Faguays, French, c1930, to a professor of the mind.

Jeroen Markies went on to sell an Impressionist oil painting for £15,000 and a Deco cabinet with flatware by Waring and Gillow, c1930 to American expats amongst other pieces. Binoculars sold well with one pair priced at £15,000 and one destined to a property on the
south coast.

Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Jeroen Markies stand

Art Deco dealer, Hickmet Fine Arts met his target and was pleased to see Americans back in the fair, a mixture of expats and those based in the US. Mark Goodger sold to Americans who had flown over for the fair. Other business for him included three tortoiseshell tea caddies, a miniature bureau desk and a miniature sideboard tea chest.

Interior designer Guy Goodfellow was in evidence buying from Wakelin and Linfield who also sold an Elm farmhouse table and a dresser. Some good Dutch Delft went to a new customer and there were several large pieces of furniture waiting to hear about possible homes. They also sold to some Americans who they hadn’t seen for 30 years but who happened to be in London and had heard about the fair.

New exhibitor and picture dealer, Karen Taylor, sold ‘A Reindeer’ by Alfred William Strutt and four other works early on in the fair. She went on to sell to new clients over the week including one of her better works at the weekend. Andrew Muir sold a dozen pictures in the final weekend as well as other pieces.

Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Karen Taylor stand

Freya Mitton sold seven modern British works including a Terry Frost sculpture and John Robertson commented that there was ‘a good crowd’ right up till closing on preview. He sold 17 pictures altogether with two going in the final minutes of the fair.

Paul Pfanner of Timewise sold several pieces in the last two minutes of the fair and was happy with steady sales through the week. The majority of his sales of Patek Philippe and Rolex watches went to new customers including some Americans.

Burlington sold a chalk drawing of Madame de Pompadour by Russell Flint. Haynes Fine Art sold a John Lowrie Morrison oil, ticket price £4,500. Both sold other works.

Jewellery dealer, Anthea AG was very happy with the fair and commented that customers were looking at good pieces and she sold in her upper priced range.

Steady, consistent sales to old and new clients were reported by Morgan Strickland who commented that they were, ‘very pleased with business considering the climate’. Ceramics dealer Philip Carrol declared the fair, ‘much better than anticipated’. He sold steadily all week to customers from France, Switzerland, Japan and China.

Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Andrew Muir stand

Silver dealer, Mary Cooke Antiques Ltd saw clients not seen for many years and were delighted to sell four or five pieces to clients who had come intending to buy one. They sold every day to existing customers some of whom they’d not seen for 10 years or so. Fellow
silver dealer, Eastdale Antiques saw steady sales across the week and was very happy with the fair overall.

Garrett and Hurst reporting selling to clients not seen since pre pandemic and having good conversations with visitors. Sales included a bronze bird, a plaque and some medallions.

Richard Price sold two clocks with much interest in other pieces including to a new client met at the June Olympia fair. Some very good pieces were in the pipeline.

Sue Brown sold a ring with the world’s rarest pearl on. Ticket price £8,700. It can only be found in Baja California in Mexico and many scallop fisherman never see them. It was sold to a new customer who was a pearl collector.

Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Sue Brown - one of the rarest pearls in the world

David Stanley who was selling his entire private art collection sold nine paintings, predominantly oils, with another two works pending. One went to an American living in London and anther two to a middle eastern buyer.

Glass dealer Mark West sold steadily all week with a good weekend, selling one of his most expensive pieces to an expat American who he noted were buying at the fair. American expats were buying across several disciplines. One couple were furnishing a flat in the new Chelsea Barracks development.

Richard Hoppe is retiring after 22 years in the business and was pleased to sell across the board with particular interest in coloured glass.

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Posted: 17 November 2022



Post Fair Report - Winter Art & Antiques Fair 2021

Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Sold by Robbie Timms a Georgian Mahogany Circular Drum Table (8200)

As the first Winter Art & Antiques Fair for two years, celebrating the Fair’s 30th Anniversary opened to the public, the early signs were promising. The jewellery dealers had crowds of visitors around their stands waiting to see the stock. Glass dealer Brian Watson was busy selling from shortly after opening until minutes before closing and pronounced a 'real enthusiasm' from customers for the fair. Haynes Fine Art sold a picture within moments of opening. Many of the sales overall went to new customers.

Fair Director Mary Claire Boyd said of the week's business, 'We are thrilled to be back at Olympia with a live event, it is so important for our visitors and exhibitors to be able to see the pieces for real and the reaction from visitors and dealers has been hugely positive. For many exhibitors a good proportion of their business is done only at fairs and helps them to build the relationships with new buyers. In what are still quite uncertain times there were some strong sales especially in jewellery and art.'

Jewellery sold very well all week. Anthea AG Antiques, declared it one of her best fairs and, 'a fantastic opening, just like the old days'. She had a very busy preview night including pieces priced over £10,000 to trade buyers and continued well. Most of her customers were new and included Chinese buyers. Wimpole Antiques had a similarly good preview as did Grasilver who was relieved to have two helpers to deal with all the interest in the jewellery. Jewellery dealers ended the week very happy. Long standing exhibitor, Wimpole Antiques, called sales all week 'very strong' and sold to some American visitors.

Glass dealer, Richard Hoppe sold steadily on the first evening with sales of scent bottles and tiles as well as glass. He was still busy packing up more glass the next morning. Likewise, Callaghan Fine Art saw sales across the board on preview night and customers stating how good it was to be back at the fair. Cambridge Fine Art sold a large oil painting on preview night.

Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Sold by Grasilver this rare 14k Gold Bracelet Designed by Ole Lynggaard Denmark c.1970 for circa £3,500.

Haynes Fine Art sold a John Lowrie Morrison Scottish oil, 'Stormy Evening Light' 2021. New exhibitor, Simm Fine Art sold a Leslie Carr oil painting and a Henry Samuel Merritt watercolour. Papillon gallery sold an oil by Argentinian artist Febien Perez (ticket price £8,950) and three large wave paintings by Marina Syntelis. David Brooker sold a pair of 19th century marine oil paintings once owned by his ex employer and late friend from Cider Gallery. Henry Miller sold a Michael Murfin painting which was destined for Barcelona and several other of his larger works.

Sculpture dealers, Garrett and Hurst sold well all week with a bronze shipped off to China and a sale of a good marble sculpture. The majority of their sales were to new customers. One existing customer in her 80s bought a panther sculpture before heading off to the Chelsea match.

Mark Goodger Antiques sold a rare oak Tantalus that was destined for Alaska as well as a model plane, a tortoiseshell tea caddy and a globe to predominantly new customers and. S&S Timms Antiques sold every day of the fair including two pieces of furniture on opening night and several large pieces including a dresser, a keyhole desk and an Escetoire.

Art Deco furniture dealer, Jeroen Markies sold a cocktail cabinet on the first day and went on to sell a signed cabinet by Jules Lelau to a Chinese couple for £20,000 as well as plenty of other pieces and some furniture to Americans living in London. Furniture dealer, Tim Saltwell sold a good piece to a Chinese buyer and was pleased with his week at Olympia.

Matthew Holder was one of a number of dealers who sold to customers that only buy at fairs. His sales included a Burse for a seal for Charles I dating from the first half of the 17th century. Silver dealer Mary Cooke Antiques also sold to customers who only buy at fairs and bought a 'nice cross section' of pieces. Stephen Kalms was happy with his silver sales overall.

Art dealer, Freya Mitton was pleased with the week's business. She had sold to a number of brand new collectors, buying their first picture, had several customers who had come across from the Spirit fair and sold a John Tannard watercolour dated 1942 to American buyer. Kay Michie had her best Olympia for years, selling to the trade and to new customers. She sold four Mary Feddens and a Hamilton Fraser work.

Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Sold by Thomas Spencer Fine Art a watercolour on paper, signed by John Nash 'Line of Trees' ticked price £14,000.

Thomas Spencer sold over 30 pictures, priced up to £10,000, 17 were sold straight off the wall, including a John Nash watercolour and 15 were prints . All but one buyer were new customers. Dinan and Chighine sold three Chagal lithographs amongst others and had a number of pending sales to local west London buyers.

Ceramics dealer, Philip Carol had a huge amount of interest in his stand and plenty of sales from mostly English collectors. Another dealer selling smaller pieces, Hickmet sold very well all week including a number of pieces of Art Deco sculpture including works by Ferdinand Price in the £10,000 region.

There was even a last minute flurry of activity as the fair was closing at 5pm on Sunday 7th November. S&S Timms Antiques sold four pieces in the final five minutes to a completely new customer. Burlington Antiques sold a picture in the last few minutes and met some very promising future clients.

As always nowadays at fairs the week ended with some promising sales in the pipeline that could well turn a good fair for some exhibitors into a spectacular one.


Posted: 30 November 2021



Antiques News & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

A selection of exhibits at the Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Posted: 15 March 2021




Mark Hill & Kelli Ellis select their favourites from Olympia's Virtual Showcase

Each winter, Olympia London comes to life with an exceptional range of more than 20 000 pieces, presenting a treasure trove of irresistible art, antiques, furniture, jewellery and collectors' pieces to discover and buy.

This year, in celebration of our Virtual Showcase, Mark Hill and Kelli Ellis perused the inventory to find some of their favourites.

Posted: 15 March 2020






Antiques News  & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Freya Mitton 20th Century British Art  - Fred Howard St Michael's Mount

 Antiques News  & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter

Kalms Antiques - A green and Clear Martini Glass & Shaker with Silver Top. Glasses and shaker made of modern design with unique square base priced £2,900.


 Antiques News  & Fairs - Art & Antiques Fair Olympia - Winter


David Bedale Antiques - A fine early Victorian walnut sofa

with moulded panels, paterae decoration, bulbous feet ,all having gilt enrichments circa 1850 POA



Event: Winter Olympia Art & Antiques Fair
Organiser: Clarion Events
Venue: Olympia, London


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