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Antiques News & Fairs - Peterborough Festival of Antiques




The Festival of Antiques at Peterborough is the UK’s largest festival of antiques and is owned and organised by IACF Ltd, it hosts more than 2000 stalls - making it one of the UK’s most popular antique events for all antique and vintage enthusiasts.

The fair takes place in four permanent buildings and several acres of outdoor pitches at the East of England Showground, and the Festival of Antiques is the UK’s largest antiques fair – with everything from antique and vintage items to fine art and period reclamation.

The fair is held twice a year – at Easter and in the Autumn – which makes each fair a real event, and it is already extremely popular with the antiques loving public".

There is something for everyone at the Festival of Antiques, with items covering every era, style and budget. Whether you are looking for stylish Art Deco design, rustic oak country furniture, vintage jewellery or just something totally unique, with over 2000 stalls, you are bound to find what you are looking for - or maybe something even better!


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Art Inspired Day Trips for the Avid Collector


The United Kingdom is rich in history and culture, which makes it the perfect place for avid collectors and art enthusiasts to explore. Art appreciation trips are a great way to become more informed and inspired, so they are an ideal way to spend time if you have a growing interest or a passion for the world of art and antiques. This article will look at 5 amazing art and antiques inspired day trips across the United Kingdom that would be any collector’s dream.

Antiques News & Fairs - Peterborough Festival of Antiques

Antiques News & Fairs - Peterborough Festival of Antiques

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Lined with listed gothic buildings and green spaces, the picturesque city of Peterborough is a must-visit for antique and art collectors. The Festival Of Antiques is one of the largest antique markets in the country and is of course a major event for buyers and dealers throughout the UK. Located in four permanent buildings and acres of outdoor space, there really is something for everyone here, from fine art and ceramics to vintage furniture and collectors’ items.

Peterborough itself is also a fantastic place to explore. The cathedral is a Gothic masterpiece and filled with breath-taking rooms and its own calendar of events. The Peterborough Museum is also worth a visit, boasting its own art gallery and fossil collection, each item telling its own story and adding to the city’s rich history. If you’re wanting to spend some time outdoors, Nene Park is a permanent haven for all woodland creatures and also offers a variety of fun activities with which the whole family can get involved. Read more...

We hope this article will help you to plan an exciting and interesting art-inspired adventure soon!

Posted: 4 May 2021




Antiques News & Fairs - Peterborough Festival of Antiques

A selection of exhibits at the Peterborough Festival of Antiques


Posted: 3 March 2021




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Peterborough: Local Area

Antiques News & Fairs - Peterborough Festival of Antiques

Peterborough is a city in eastern England. It’s known for the 12th- and 13th-century Peterborough Cathedral, with its Gothic facade. In a former hospital building, the Peterborough Museum has a reconstructed Victorian operating theatre, plus fossils and paintings. Flag Fen Archaeology Park features Bronze Age village and causeway remains. Nene Park is home to woodlands, footpaths and Ferry Meadows recreation area.

And of course it's home to Peterborough Festival of Antiques Market!





Antiques News & Fairs - Peterborough Festival of Antiques

The vast display of outdoor pitches at the Peterborough Festival of Antiques.


 Antiques News & Fairs - Peterborough Festival of Antiques

Vintage retro style lights.


Antiques News & Fairs - Peterborough Festival of Antiques 

One of the biggest antiques fair in the country, The Peterborough Festival of Antiques is for all those lovers of antiques, collectables, vintage and upcycled items.


Event: Peterborough Festival of Antiques
Organiser: IACF
Venue: The East of England Showground, Peterborough


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