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Salvo Fair 2017 24-25 June

 Antiques News - Antiques Fair - Salvo Fair 2017

Event: Salvo 2017
Organiser: Thornton Kay
Venue: Fawley Hill, Icehouse Lane, Henley on Thames, RG9 3AP
Date: 24-25 June 2017


Tel: 01227 500485

Antiques News - Antiques Fair - Salvo Fair 2017 

Molly & Maud's Place - Late C17th Sculpture of Buddhist Symbol


Salvo, the world’s first architectural salvage fair, is the number one destination for reclaimed treasures, with exhibitors presenting an exciting mix of architectural, garden and decorative antiques, salvage, reclaimed materials, midcentury, vintage, upcycled and industrial.

For Salvo Fair's sixteenth outing, organiser Thornton Kay and Sara Morel of Style Salvo have partnered for this year’s Green Living theme. Salvo 2017 will feature ancient and modern eco-friendly products, sustainable fashion, craftspeople and zero waste restaurant Silo.

There will be 10 acres of stock on show at Salvo 2017, from over 90 exhibitors from the UK & Europe.

Salvo 2017 is located on the private Henley estate of salvage enthusiasts Sir William and Lady McAlpine. The estate features a restored Edwardian train station, a railway museum and an animal sanctuary. Visitors will also see ‘Ironhenge’, a feature composed of columns rescued from the old St. Pancras station.

Antiques News - Antiques Fair - Salvo Fair 2017 

Metroretro - Water Tank Table


Ethical stands focused on the theme of off-grid living will be the order of the day.

The Salvo fair field is a huge draw for outdoor-indoor living enthusiasts, with items on display from exhibitors such as La Place, Lynda North, No.1 Lewes and Bombe Antiques.  Nikki Page is bringing a rare decorative sheep dating to the early C19th, whilst Molly and Maud’s Place will exhibit unique decorative antiques suited to a multitude of settings.

Architects, personal collectors, prop buyers and designers will not be disappointed to find exhibitors such as Metroretro, famous for supplying pieces for period films including those of director and film historian, Martin Scorsese.

Architectural Salvage Source will shine a light on the beauty of bricks with reclaimed London yellow and red stocks.  Smiths Architectural Salvage and Terry Sparke will present an excellent selection of antique door furniture and brassware.

Highlights include Metroretro’s water tank table, and Beya Fontenay with kitchen islands made from original printers’ benches and a Victorian cheese vat wine rack for housing up to 70 bottles.

Silo will offer a Salvo lunch including 'Pirate' chocolate, a transatlantic emission free organic chocolate, sailed over from the Dominican Republic using only the wind and a crew of badass sailers (pirates). Refreshments include a choice of Old Tree drink and vintage cider with a botanical infusion. Visitors who choose to pre-book a two course Silo at the Salvo lunch will receive a free weekend pass.

New exhibitors this year include Paul Drewett, and LAPADA members Norfolk Decorative Antiques, Fontaine Decoritive, Chistophe Edwards and Streett Marburg.

In advance of the Salvo 2017 launch, there will be a charity gala preview and late night shopping on Friday 23 June 2017, from 5pm until 8pm.  Admission is £25, with all proceeds going to the Smart Works Charity.  

Smart Works is a UK charity that provides women who are out of work or on low incomes with a free styling session, interview outfit and interview coaching to boost their confidence.  Smart Works rely on donations to support their clients, and will be accepting good quality clothing, shoes and accessories at Salvo’s eco-friendly fashion marquee to promote this sustainable model, both supporting women and reducing landfill.

Antiques News - Antiques Fair - Salvo Fair 2017 

One of Salvo 2017's eye-catching settings


Admission is £10 (£9 if booked in advance).  For more details, visit Salvo Fair.

Cover Image: Molly & Maud's Place - Late C17th Sculpture of Buddhist Symbol