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In a move redolent of a similar eviction in Park Lane, London W1 in 2009 when the august Grosvenor House Antiques & Fine Art Fair was ousted from Grosvenor House Hotel, The New York Art, Antique, & Jewellery Show has been given notice by the owners of The Park Avenue Armory on Park Avenue New York, which has been their high profile venue for 35 years.

The 2009 move in London spawned the birth of one of the world's leading art and antiques fairs, Masterpiece Fair, when an elite group of displaced exhibitors formed a company to launch a new style of fair, showing the best of the best across a wide spectrum including vintage cars and contemporary luxury objects from across the globe.

A number of UK dealers exhibit at the New York show including Butchoff Antiques, Callaghan Fine Paintings, Dinan & Chighine, Haynes Fine Art, Jonathan Cooper Park Walk Gallery, Moira Fine Jewellery, Potterton books, Richard Green Antiques, Titus Omega, Wick Antiques and Willow Gallery.

New York Art, Antiques Jewellery Show

artnet News 28 December 2015, Eileen Kinsella reports:

The New York Art, Antique & Jewellery Show, which has been running for 35 years, has been tossed out of its home at the Armory. According to a report in Page Six, The Armory wants to focus more on live performing arts for the venue's lineup.

Despite shelling out $320,000 - £216,577, in rent for the five-day show, show organisers were told that in the future there is no space for the event in the lineup. "Their intention is to not have events of this nature in the Park Avenue Armory and to switch it all to live performances," Scott Diament, CEO of the Palm Beach Show Group, which organizes the fair, told artnet News in a phone interview. "They're a non profit. I don't know if they can do whatever they want. I don't know the legality of it." He told Page Six that it was a "major shock."

"I'm still hopeful that [Armory president] Rebecca [Robertson] changes her mind," Diament told artnet News. "This is an important event. It's been running continuously for 35 years. With 85 exhibitors, it fills an important space on the New York calendar." Diament said he's also hopeful that he'll get offers from other Manhattan venue owners.

The most recent edition of the Art, Antique & Jewelry show was held at the Armory from November 20–24 2015. The show is known for drawing visitors such as Ivana Trump and Carl Icahn, as well as hosting an annual pop-up Le Cirque restaurant.

Dealers including Macklowe Gallery and Rehs Galleries have written to Armory leaders to express their disappointment but so far have not had success getting them to reconsider.

Page Six says that Robertson has been remaking the space as an arts centre. This year, the Armory received a $65 - £44, million gift from the Thompson Family Foundation towards that initiative.

The Park Avenue Armory has not responded for comment.

Eileen Kinsella, Monday, December 28, 2015