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National Glass Fair

 Adamson Antiques - A selection from the website

Event: The National Glass Fair
Venue: National Motorcycle Museum
Coventry Road
West Midlands
B92 0EJ (or B92 0ED
Date: Sunday 13 November 2016

National Glass Fair


M & D Moir - Unusual double skirted Baccarat vase in chinoiserie style with extensive gilding and metallic enamels including a fine cartouche depicting a smoking monk contemplating a fort on a hill (very Kurosawa), c 1890 c 7 inches tall. Price £980



With around 80 exhibitors and a special exhibition from Royal Brierly Studio Glass, this is the flagship event for glass collectors across all sectors of the glass world from the most respected dealers in rare period collectible glass to the most exciting contempory glass artists working today. 

The organisers, Specialist Glass Fairs, believe it is important that as many genres of glass as possible are represented in all of their diverse and fascinating forms. Glass is a wonderfully malleable material and lends itself to immense creativity; artists and artisans down the decades have produced such a huge variety of artefacts from the utilitarian to the finest decorative items, from exquisite jewellery to paperweights and from whimsical animal figures to Georgian drinking glasses etc.

National Glass Fair

Nigel Benson - Early Monart Ware vase in red stoneware with random milleflori inclusions, shape A, colour 4, c1924 from a selection on the website

Read more about Monart on the website


An exhibition of a private collection of Royal Brierley Studio Glass in Hall 1 and David Williams-Thomas, former director of Stevens and Williams (later Royal Brierley Crystal), will be in attendance promoting his new book 'The Dynasty Builder', an account of the history of the factory based largely on the diaries of the founder of the firm, Samuel Cox Williams.

ANF top picks:

Peter Adamson - Fine English and Continental glass from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Vic Bamforth - Contemporary glass artist - see Exhibitor profile:

Nigel Benson - British glass from 1870 to 1980 and post-war Scandinavian and Italian art glass.
Robin Butler -    Decanters and other wine accessories.

Neil Chaney -    Georgian, Victorian and selected contemporary glass.
Ian Cummings -    Quality antique and modern paperweights.

The Glass Association - An organisation promoting the understanding and appreciation of glass and glass-making. The Glass Association will be selling past issues of their publications: The Cone and The Journal.

Steven Lewis - Scandinavian, Italian & British glass from 1920 - 1980.

M & D Moir - Art Deco & Art Nouveau - Continental and British.

For more details see full exhibitor list.

 National Glass Fair

The World is Made of Glass - An early Victorian, North Bohemian, enameled, uranium (annagrun) glass beaker dating from the middle of the 19th century, c1840, and possibly blown in the Harrach Glassworks at Neuwelt from a selection on the website



National Glass Fair


Guergana Sabkova - contemproary glass maker - ' I am Fear',

National Glass Fair


A pate de verre paperweight in the form of a lizard by Amalric Walter and Henri Berge

Tickets and times are available from organisers National Glass Fair

 National Glass Fair

Pearl Open Bowl by Royal Brierley Studio Glass on show at the special exhibition at The National Glass Fair

Cover Image:

Adamson Antiques

A superb miniature salver/patch stand,the wide cup bowl sits on a cushioned merese over a ball knop an inverted baluster knop and a basal merese,all on a folded conical foot. A beautifully made small salver in good bright grey metal displaying excellent tooling marks and in pristine condition.

height 2 5/8th ins 6.8 cm cup size 3 1/16th ins 7.8 cm