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The subject of antiques and collectibles seems to excite people from all demographics and quarters of life.  How to indentify, how to buy, how to sell, how to collect and how to increase knowledge on a particular subject.  BBC Antiques Roadshow, on our screens since 1979, attracts an audience in excess of 5 million each week and avid day time viewers are glued to the panoply of Cash in the Attic, Antiques Road Trip, Dickinson's Real Deal and the like.  A new kid on the tv block, Drew Pritchard, has garnered a massive following of 12 million viewers over 29 countries with his fly on the wall show Salvage Hunters where viewers watch him identify best sellers in dusty corners of stately home attics and odd ball collections around Europe and then drive a hard bargain for the right price from the vendor.

My Online Antique School

Now a new concept of learning opens up the world of expert knowledge to both enthusiasts and professionals via MyAntiqueSchool which is the world’s first online antiques school.  The school has constructed a programme of online courses, and the coup is that they have secured some of the antiques world's best known experts from UK and the USA to  tutor courses on a range of subjects including An Introduction to Antiques & Collectibles, Understanding Ceramics, An Introduction to the Arts & Crafts Movement, UK and USA, Mid Century Modern Design and Sourcing Antiques Globally for Resale.

With simple video tutorials and optional assignments, the student will have the opportunity to converse directly with an elite teaching faculty; getting personal feedback on their work and the opportunity to pick the brains of some of world’s most talented antiques specialists.  The easy-to-use online classroom forum will be open to antiques enthusiasts from around the world.

Experts joining MyAntiqueSchool include: Judith Miller,'Queen of Antiques' on both sides of The Pond and author of the highly acclaimed Millers' Guides and a regular on BBC's Antiques Roadshow, who told Antiques News & Fairs: “I am excited about the initiative and believe that MyAntiqueSchool will give enthusiasts and professionals from around the world the opportunity of a first class education at their fingertips”.

 Judith Miller Antiques Expert

Judith Miller

Other famed tutors include Mark Hill, antiques, collectibles and C20th design expert, author of over 25 books, also a regular on BBC Antiques Roadshow, who told us: I’m extremely excited to be taking part in this exciting and interactive new development in the rapidly growing area of e-learning, particularly amongst so many eminent experts, friends and colleagues.”

Some of the other experts joining Mark and Judith will be Europe based Toma Haines, founder of The Antiques Diva & Co Ltd, Europe's largest antiques touring company, USA Co Director of Rago Auctions, David Rago, expert appraiser on PBSLars Thorp, ceramics expert, author, museum director and curator and a regular on BBC Antiques Roadshow,  Joanna Hardy, antique jewellery expert on BBC Antiques Roadshow and Duncan Campbell, antique silver expert and regular on BBC Antiques Roadshow

For the full list of experts and courses in detail see MyAntiquesSchool - Learning with the experts

The first term of courses starts on 15 April 2016 with Arts & Crafts Movement (UK) Online Course, taught by expert dealer Tony Geering