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Leading London silver dealers, Koopman Rare Art, will be exhibiting at Masterpiece London 2016, from 30 June to 6 July 2016.  Their stunning collection of silver masterpieces and works of art will be on display at the show on stand C29.

One of many highlights of their planned collection will include a silver-gilt George III presentation tray by Joseph Preedy, a christening gift from King George III to his Godson, the Duke of Dorset.  It is engraved with a coat of arms and the inscription; ‘Given by his most excellent Majesty George the III, to his Godson, George John Frederick Sackville, Duke of Dorset, born Novr.15, 1793.’  Previously part of the Al-Tajir collection, it weighs 6.54kg and has an asking price of £350,000.

Royal Presentation Tray

Silver-gilt George III presentation tray by Joseph Preedy, £350,000

Another highlight is a pair of George III tankards by William Hall of London, dated 1802.  Engraved below a royal coronet and Garter motto are the initials 'CR', for Queen Charlotte (1744-1818), wife of George III, and an additional engraved crest and royal coronet for one of her sons.  It has an asking price of £25,000.

Works by famed silversmiths Paul de Lamerie and Paul Storr will also grace the collection at exhibition. Lewis Smith, Director of Koopman Rare Art, said: “Last June at Masterpiece we previewed highlights from our forthcoming exhibition of silver by Regency silversmith Paul Storr, which was subsequently held in our London galleries in October. The exhibition was a phenomenal success and demonstrated the on-going demand and appreciation of silver by this noble silversmith. Many of the pieces have since sold but we are delighted to be able to showcase a new selection of recently acquired pieces by Paul Storr at this year’s Masterpiece.”

Examples by Storr's work include a pair of Victorian marine inspired table centre dessert bowls (circa 1838-1848), bearing the maker's name and engraved with the Tollemache crest for John Jervis Tollemache, 1st Baron Tollemache, for Peckforton Castle in Cheshire (asking price of £245,000), and a set of four silver-gilt George III figural shell salts, dated 1812, formerly belonging to the Duke of Westminster collection until its sale at auction in 1959 to Alan and Simone Hartman of the USA (asking price of £125,000).

Dessert Bowls

Victorian marine inspired table centre dessert bowls (circa 1838-1848), £245,000

Figural Shell Salts

Silver-gilt George III figural shell salts, 1812, £125,000

Lewis Smith commented: “In general we have found that silver sales have remained buoyant over the past year. This is largely due to the fact that we focus only on silver of the highest quality, both in terms of craftsmanship and style, often combined with an interesting history and provenance. In fact one cannot underestimate the importance of provenance in today’s market, this has gained even more prominence than before. Buyers are simply not impressed with mediocrity – they will only buy the best of whatever it is and will pay a premium for a blue-chip provenance.”

Koopman Rare Art also has a stunning collection of European gold boxes from the C18th and C19th, many adorned with precious stones such as agate and rhodonite.  One particularly rare specimen, believed to have been made by Nicolas Marguerit in 1772, features 3 types of gold and is decorated with allegorical scenes representing arms, nature, music and science.  It has an asking price of £65,000.

Lewis Smith noted: “There has been a noticeable increased interest in gold boxes recently, which tends to be the case in times of economic uncertainty. Not only are they extremely beautiful, desirable objects they are also very portable.”

Coffee lovers and aficionados will be delighted to see one of the earliest silver coffee percolators, by English silversmiths Emes and Barnard in 1809 (asking price of £7500).

And not forgetting the C20th, on display will be six stunning silver and silver-gilt beakers by British contemporary silversmith, Stuart Devlin, dated 1968.  They bear his distinctive trademark 'Tree Bark' decoration.  They have an asking price of £9750.

For more information, visit Koopman Rare Art and Masterpiece London.